Monday, July 4, 2016

2016 RESULTS International Conference and Lobbying

Wow!  What an incredible RESULTS conference this year.   The conference was three days packed with speakers, workshops, and fellowship.  Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health shared about his cutting edge work, pioneering AIDS treatment for the poorest people in world. I learned new stories and skills.  I heard of the shift in health focus to the ultra-poor and the emphasis on equity, not simply equality.  

The conference was especially meaningful because of Loyce Maturu from Zimbabwe.  I got to meet Loyce and learn her story.  In 2002 at the age of ten her mother and brother died the same week, both sick with AIDS & TB.  Loyce went to live with her aunt.  Two years later she became sick and was diagnosed with AIDS & TB herself.

Fortunately, Loyce was able to begin treatment because by this time anti-retroviral and TB drugs were available due to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

However the stigma of AIDS is very powerful and Loyce's aunt threw her out.  She went to live with her uncle, but he was abusive, both physically and emotionally.  In desperation Loyce took all of her meds in one day, trying to escape the pain.  After two nights in the hospital, without any visits from friends or family, Loyce began a long road back with the support of adolescent AIDS peer counselors. 

Today Loyce is sparkling and accomplished 24 year old, an AIDS counselor herself and now an advocate and spokesperson for people with AID and TB.

It gave me chills to think that back when she fell sick with AIDS I was in Washington DC advocating for funding to launch the Global Fund.  That enabled her to get the treatment and counseling she needed to survive.  She would not be alive today without the collective efforts of supporters of the Global Fund.

I ended up going to ten different congressional offices to advocate on our issues.  We focused on the Reach Every Mother and Child Act and on building more support for the Global Fund.  Although we won’t know until later how successful we will be, we’re patient and we won’t quit.

The director of the Global Fund, Mark Dybul, spoke to us by video from Italy.  He announced the wonderful news that Italy had just promised to increase its commitment to the Global Fund by 30 percent!  And this is in spite of Italy’s own budget challenges.
Donor countries will convene in Montreal in early September to pledge their commitments to the Global Fund for the next three years, 2017-2019.  The Fund seeks $13 billion to continue their work.   We hope President Obama will continue US leadership with a pledge for 1/3 of the $13 billion.  We scurried around Capitol Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday, asking members of congress to support this level, maintaining what we've done the last three years.  The Fund has saved seventeen million lives since 2002 and is on track to save 22 million all together by the end of 2016.

Do these big numbers just make your eyes glaze over?  Me too!  But visualize this:  22 million people would fill the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium 200 times over.   Or imagine roughly 3 out of every 4 Texans dying! Meeting Loyce Maturu, a survivor, helps make it real to me.

You may be glad to hear that the Reach Every Mother and Child Act has garnered 158 co-sponsors, including 56 Republicans.  This puts it in the top one percent of bills right now.  When the House reconvenes after July 4th, I think there will be another dozen or two on the bill.

In two decades of lobbying on hunger, no one in Texas RESULTS has ever had a real meeting with any US Senator from Texas.  We meet with staff, but a chance encounter has been our only opportunity to touch a senator personally

That’s why I was delighted to spot Senator John Cornyn when I boarded my Southwest Airlines flight home.  As I was making my way to the back of the plane I saw him seated in the emergency exit row.  He realized I recognized him and quickly closed his eyes, feigning sleep.  Respecting his privacy I did not disturb him right then, but an hour later, 35,000 feet somewhere over Tennessee, I made my way back up the aisle and handed him a letter I’d just written asking him to sign a congressional letter urging President Obama to support the Global Fund! 
Mark Coats
Austin, Texas
July 3rd, 2016


Monday, September 28, 2015

Your are cordially invited
RESULTS Austin 2015 Benefit 

Sunday November 8, 2015
Reception 2:00pm
Program 2:30-3:30pm

Seton Administration Offices’ Auditorium
1345 Philomena Street, Austin, TX 78723
Keynote Speaker
Jackson Ndegwa
Vaccines Development Advocacy Officer

with Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium

    Michael McCaul for TexasSeeds of Hope Honoree
Congressman Michael McCaulfor his leadership on Maternal & Child Health
(not confirmed)
We have a vision of a world free from poverty

Donate or RSVP online

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

We Must Protect Progress Made in Combatting TB/HIV

Tell Congress: Don’t Fast Track Bad Trade Deal!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) might be the worst trade deal ever for global health.

We say “might” because we’ve never actually seen the deal. The pact is being negotiated in secret. Even your elected representatives in Congress are only allowed to see the text is a special room after leaving their cell phones and staff outside, and forking over any notes they take before leaving - and agreeing not to discuss the details with anyone. [1]

We do know from leaked documents that the protections for intellectual property for medicines are far more aggressive than previous trade agreements. [2]

The availability of affordable, generic drugs has been critical in progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. The TPP threatens access to affordable medicines by expanding pharmaceutical companies' monopoly power and limiting competition from generic drugs. We need to strike a balance between protecting intellectual property rights to incentivize new drug development and protecting access to life-saving medicine. The TPP simply gets this balance wrong.

The President has asked Congress to grant him Fast Track Authority (or Trade Promotion Authority) to accelerate the TPP. This means that Congress would give up its authority to amend a trade deal and just hold an up or down vote on the final package. With so much at stake in the fight against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis - and the text still behind locked doors - this is too much to ask.
Trade is an important part of economic growth and development, but not at the expense of public health. The Senate is expected to vote as early as this week, and they need to hear from you. So call Congress today, and ask them to slow down the TPP.

Will you call all of your members of Congress today and ask them to vote against the Fast Track Authority for the TPP? 

Follow this link for contact information for your members of Congress.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Many people missed the event due to a bug going around or due to the rain.  I don't blame them, I got drenched and certainly didn't want to get sick.  But if this was you, you missed a good time.  Mark Coats reported this on his Facebook posting:

The benefit Saturday was outstanding! It may have been one of our best presentations to date. Dr. Allan and Kul Guatam were both inspiring and informative. And I got a snapshot with Kul!

Here's the next best thing to being there... videos of our main speakers
If you would like to make a donation before the end of the year, you may Click here to donate online.
Thank you!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

RESULTS Austin 2014 Benefit

Saturday November 22nd
Reception 6:00pm -- Program 6:45pm
Refreshments will be served.
Pat Hays Education Center at Dell Children's Medical Center
4900 Mueller Blvd. Austin, TX 78723
Park in Visitor Lot.

Keynote Speaker
Kul Gautam (website)

Former United Nations Assistant Secretary General
Executive Director of UNICEF

Seeds of Hope Honoree
Dr. Coburn Allen
Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician at Dell Children's Medical Center
Medical Director of myLIFEspeaks medical clinic in Haiti

We don't sell tickets.  Please come, enjoy the evening and be prepared to help us change the world!  
If you are unable to attend but would still like to make a contribution, 
Click here to donate online.

RSVP to Anne Child – – 512-919-9271

FLORIDA: A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. (Registration #CH33878/CH33887). 20113006692 20113006693 CHR.0010765 CHR.055275 CH009249 CHOO9325 01060798 448-446-5 448-448-1 22020 22021 051997 CO8872 C08873 CO-066-11 CO-110-11 19126 19127 CH3370000 CH3369700 SL006457 SL006459 95-3747267 42208 42218 39831 39832 9704438 9704439 P19885 P19886 8141056-CHAR 6555684-CHAR 9716 30088 11969-800 11970-800 CS48625 T48627 135154079 135136988 9A527 9A525

RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund

1101 15th St, NW   Suite 1200  Washington, DC 20005

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 2014 Newsletter

RESULTS Austin Newsletter - August 2014

RESULTS volunteers of Austin celebrate a productive 1st half of the year.  We’ve generated a steady stream of media, met with members of congress face to face and have had success in urging them to take specific actions.  Both the U.S. and globally focused teams have built momentum and are helping to create the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty
Pictured here are: Jim Comer, Cheyanda Onuoha and Sarah Yanes -- RESULTS Austin volunteers in DC.  With them are Myranda Laursen of San Antonio, and Akanksha Dutta, a health expert from India.

Commitment to the Global Partnership for Education
In May our Austin global team generated three pieces of media, supporting our education campaign.   We inspired an editorial ("Global education push needs U.S. help") and two letters-to-the-editor ("Support global education initiative" & "U.S. should back global schooling"), all printed in the Austin American Statesman.
With this media in hand, we asked our representatives to weigh in with the President on the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) - the only multilateral partnership focused exclusively on ensuring all children have access to a quality education. The GPE uses an innovative and effective model, bringing together civil society, private sector, donor governments and low-income countries to achieve the Education for All goals. It works by developing and funding high quality national education plans.
On June 10th we hit the jackpot when Congressman Michael McCaul agreed to send a letter to the President encouraging him to commit robust funding for the GPE.  Since McCaul is Chairman of Homeland Security his support proved to be especially helpful.
Within days GPE held their funding conference and the US pledged $40 million to the GPE for 2014, plus $50 million for 2015.  This was a significant increase over the $20 million the U.S. had contributed to GPE previously, but much less than the $250 million over two years RESULTS volunteers sought.

RESULTS Austin U.S. poverty team builds awareness on EITC

… in the media and with Congress

In 1975 Gerald Ford signed into law the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC is designed to “make work pay,” and to move a family with a full-time low-income worker above the poverty line.

Only working taxpayers are eligible for the EITC and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Studies consistently show that the two credits incentivize wage earners to earn more.  The more low-wage workers earn, the higher their tax credit and the more disposable income they have.  There are 1.2 million working Texans and 647,000 children who have been lifted out of poverty by the EITC and the CTC.  Nationally 15 million people were lifted out poverty in 2012. 

This spring, volunteer Anne McCulloch met with Congressman Roger Williams and explained how the EITC reduces poverty in two ways:  (1) by encouraging work and (2) by supplementing the wages of low-paid poor or near-poor workers.  In June Sarah Yanes journeyed to D.C. and met with members and their staff, educating them about the importance of the EITC.  In August new volunteer Glenn Ross met with Rep. Lamar Smith’s local staffer, Mike Asmus and discussed the EITC.

Glenn Ross got an excellent EITC letter printed in the Austin paper in July.  This builds on the successful media track record of the domestic team who got three letters about SNAP food assistance printed last fall (Alice, Gail, & Ginger’s letters).

Using media to educate the public and reaching out directly to educate elected representatives, the domestic RESULTS team is building support for strategies that directly address poverty in America.

Global Health:  Immunizations for All Children

Immunizing children worldwide is the most impactful and efficient strategy to promote global health, save lives and produce a significant economic gains. The GAVI Alliance’s mission is to increase access to immunization in poor countries. To achieve this, GAVI shapes the markets for vaccines by providing incentives for the pharmaceutical industry to invest in research and production.  This has cut the cost of vaccines up to 90%. GAVI is a partnership building upon the strengths of the Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF. RESULTS is campaigning to ensure strong support for GAVI at their upcoming replenishment conference in January 2015.

House Resolution 688, expressing support for GAVI was introduced in July. Representative Michael McCaul was an original cosponsor of the resolution and Representative Doggett has also become a cosponsor.  RESULTS Austin volunteers are working to sign up more cosponsors. We'll be reaching out to the community and generating media in order to move our Representatives and Senators to take action.  We invite you to join our campaign for a meaningful U.S. pledge to GAVI.

RESULTS Austin 2014 Benefit
Saturday November 22, 2014
6:00 pm - Reception
6:45pm - Program
Refreshments will be served

Pat Hayes Education Center
at  Dell Children's Medical Center
4900 Mueller Blvd.  Austin, TX

Keynote speaker:
former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General
& RESULTS Board Member

Seeds of Hope Honoree:
Dr. Coburn Allen 
Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician  
at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas
Medical Director of myLIFEspeaks medical clinic in Haiti

For more information or to get involved, contact Anne Child:; 512-919-9271

FLORIDA:  A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE.  REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE.  (Registration #CH33878/CH33887). 20113006692  20113006693  CHR.0010765  CHR.055275  CH009249  CHOO9325  01060798  448-446-5  448-448-1  22020  22021  051997  CO8872  C08873  CO-066-11 CO-110-11  19126  19127  CH3370000  CH3369700  SL006457  SL006459  95-3747267  42208  42218  39831  39832  9704438  9704439  P19885  P19886  8141056-CHAR  6555684-CHAR  9716  30088  11969-800  11970-800 CS48625  T48627  135154079  135136988 9A527 9A525