The Monthly Global Team Conference Call

Date & Time: 1pm, 2nd Saturday (most months - contact us to confirm)
Location: 4131 Spicewood Springs Rd., Suite F2 (Spicewood Forest Office Park)
Agenda: Update on issues and action plans.


Located on the southeast-bound side of Spicewood Springs Road in the Spicewood Forrest office park (it looks like an apartment complex). The complex is located just southeast of the intersection of Spicewood Springs Road and Mesa Drive.

If east-bound on Spicewood Springs Road from the Spicewood Springs Rd & Mesa Dr. intersection, turn right into the first driveway east of Austin Fire Station #21.

If northwest-bound on Spicewood Springs Road from the Spicewood Springs Rd (West Anderson Lane) and Mo-Pac intersection, note that Spicewood splits into southeast-bound and northwest-bound roadways with buildings in the median. As soon as the roadways re-converge into a single roadway, take the first left turn lane. (Do not be fooled by a turn-back left turn lane that is available just before the roadways re-converge. See the map for guidance.) Turning left across the median leads directly into the Spicewood Forest office park driveway.  

Once inside Spicewood Office Park:
Drive straight through the entrance circle, past the office directory sign. Proceed approximately 250 feet up the parking isle to the first left turn. Turn left. Proceed approximately 150 feet further, turn left again. Building F will be on your immediate left in the center of the complex. Park anywhere available. GSI is located upstairs (Suite 2, Building F).