Thursday, May 5, 2011

Speak Up for Funding Vital Foreign Assistance Programs in FY12

Make a Call to Your Representative this Week. There are many  members of Congress who  understand how important foreign assistance  is to the U.S. as well as how important it is to the  individuals and families it ultimately reaches. Because foreign aid is not disappearing from our national budget, it is  critical that even those who do not favor it insist that it be used in smart, effective ways. It is important that  our representatives know that foreign aid is vital to our economy, our  security,  and our global leadership. Encourage your representative to support at least one of the effective solutions articulated in our appropriations requests (microfinance, TB, Global Fund, GAVI, Education for All). Our representatives must submit their requests electronically to the chairs of the Foreign Operations Subcommittee by May 20, so we need to act this week to give our representatives time to make the request. (The House is in recess May 16-20, but members can still make requests during that time.) Call and ask for the  foreign policy aide, make the request to support  funding levels for one  of our priorities noted above, and follow up by  sending appropriate information.  Our action sheet can help you with this.
Make a Call to Your Senators. The Senate must refuse the House's approach to reducing our federal deficit. Let both of your senators know that   we expect them to do better. The House of Representatives passed a budget for 2012 that would make  draconian cuts to foreign assistance programs—the same programs that boost U.S. exports, according to the Chamber of Commerce, and make us safer, according to 70 retired military leaders. Cutting foreign aid as the House recommends risks our economy, our security, and lives.

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